Final Assignment

Here is the link my final assignment.

I hope everyone has an awesome summer!



Final Assignment

Here it is again guys! My final assignment!  I hope everyone is doing well and working hard! I really enjoyed class with everyone- we learned a lot and had a pretty good time doing it! See y’all around!

Final Assignment (Almost)

Here is the link to my final assignment ( I have a couple tweaks to make before tomorrow evening but wanted to go ahead and get it up there) Make sure if you look at it that you click on the different rooms and “the family” and see the other pages I created to kind of “Walk” you through the house and the Korner family. I wish I had the skill set to actually make it feel more like you were experiencing a virtual tour of the house (maybe one day). Other than that and considering my limited skills I am pretty happy with it (for now!) Good luck everyone!

Preliminary Final Project

Here is the link to my final project– it still needs a lot of work (most importantly each individual room page needs to have words other than lorem ipsum).  On the home page you click on the name of one of the rooms and it will take you to a page devoted to the room with pictures.  I also think I need to do a little more on the home page- maybe I need to explain how the site works? And I have to do something with the actual room names- change the color to black? But then one of them is hard to read? I am not sure what would be best. Eventually the header that says “The Korner Family” will be a link to a family tree of sorts.   Any thoughts are welcome!

Updated Image Assignment

Here is the link to my image assignment (again)- I have made some minor changes. I put spaces in between the before and after pictures. I cropped the frame out of the “after” picture of Susan Leonard Brown (per Mandy’s suggestion) and of course added the matted engraving assignment at the bottom (I think I did that right although explaining how I did it was kinda tough).  Although I agree with Sara that putting the colorized image of the carriage as the picture behind the header would be cool- it is unfortunately not the right shape or size, so I have chosen to keep the picture of Jule and his kids instead.  I guess that means I am pretty much done unless someone has anything else they want to add?? I love the advice!

Preliminary Image Assignment

So here is the link to my image assignment. I know, I know, it is not due for a few more weeks but I have a million other things coming up so I wanted to try to get the bulk of this out of the way and lets be honest- photoshop is really fun and honestly so is building websites now that I am starting to get the hang of it.

 I obviously still have a couple images to work on but I think I like what I have so far.  I kind of wasn’t sure about the gray wrapper because it is so boring but it goes with the black and white photos. Also I am not 100% sold on my background image- I searched forever trying to find the perfect background (something photography related that helped the theme but didn’t overwhelm the site). I finally settled on the one I have now- its kind of like a collage of old newspaper clippings- the colors seemed to work and once I faded it out a little bit (using photoshop dontcha know) it seemed to work.  

I was torn between placing the photos in line with the text (like I did in my type assignment ) and placing them side by side for emphasis on the before and after. I decided to go with side by side to show clearly the drastic changes between the two images.  Nqw my only concern is the extra space on the outsides of the photos and my inability to space the photos even a little bit apart. 

Well, let me know what y’all think- I’m sure there are small things that could use work that I simply don’t even see anymore so any feedback would be awesome!